Frequently Asked Questions


I am new to this site. What do I Do?

Welcome to Designify My Home! We connect you, who are looking for beautiful and personalized interior design ideas, with designers who are ready to offer their awesome and unique interior design ideas, SIMPLY, CONVENIENTLY and for $99 PER ROOM. That’s right! When you are ready to look for those special design ideas, click “START PROJECT” and spend as little as 5 minutes to get your design project posted to our designers from around the world and start seeing your dream space becoming real space!

Ok. I am interested. How does it work?

Great! Click START PROJECT. Name your project. Choose the room type and style you want. Either show or describe to us what your room shape and size looks like. Describe your dream space and how you want it to transform. Select the number of days you’re happy to wait and see how many draft proposals you receive from designers. Finally, register and pay by PayPal (did we mention $99 per room?) and see your dream ideas becoming reality.

Nice. After I register and pay, what happens?

Designers from around the world will submit their design drafts based on the information you provided: room type and style, room size and shape, dream space description and reference materials such as photos or movie clips of your current room. You have up to the number of days you selected to wait and choose the designer that you want to work with based on the designer’s design drafts.

Cool. I chose a designer and then what?

You and the designer are now ready to get to work using our simple communication tools at Based on the design draft you chose, you can discuss more specific items to be added, deleted or modified with your chosen designer. You and your designer have 7 days to complete your design project.

Sweet. What if I or the designer needs more time to finish my project?

Both you and your designer let us know by clicking the Help button on our website or sending us an email at asking for 5 day extension along with your reasons for the extension request. Simple.

Awesome. What do I get once the project is completed?

You will get a detailed blueprint of how your dream space can turn into a real space from the designer who has gotten to know your wants and needs and who wants you to live in your beautified and personalized space.

I am in. Any last words?

Thank you and Congrats! You have made a great choice. Our mission is to beautify and personify the world with one room at a time. You will enjoy seeing design drafts from talented designers from around the world and get to pick the best design idea to start creating your dream space. Rest assured, if you don’t like any of the concept designs you receive from our designers during your specified period (3, 5 or 7 days), you can send us an email at to either extend the period to see more drafts or request a refund. It’s that convenient! And we know you’ll love us! 


I am new to this site. Who are you?

Welcome to Designify My Home! We are a team of passionate entrepreneurs whose mission is to change the world to be more beautiful and personalized starting one room at a time. We know that although we spend most of our lives at home, we put little-to-no effort towards beautifying and personifying our living spaces. We want you to join us and to work with us to change that!

Ok. Why $99 per room?

Because we believe that the current communication tools that are available to us and enabled by technology and innovation allow us to increase efficiency and accessibility to offer design services to more people. The same communication tools are enabling you to work more productively and conveniently to reach out to more customers expediently. We believe it’s a win-win for the customers looking for great design services and for you offering more of your awesome and unique designs.

Interesting. How do I begin?

Great. Click here to sign up as a designer. We made the registration process super easy. Tell us about your information including PayPal account. Once you are registered, tell us about yourself: your profile bio, website (if any) and social network (if any). Importantly, please upload any previous work or portfolio file that you want to show off to engage your potential customers. Simple!

Cool. I signed up. How do I sign up for a project?

Congrats. You and Designify My Home can now beautify and personify the world one room at a time! We created an easy to navigate and great looking Dashboard that you can search for projects with according to room type and preferred style as well as the project’s key timelines (such as when a project is created and when its deadline approaches). You can communicate with your clients and submit your design draft to the projects that you really want to work with.

Awesome. My design draft got selected. What now?

Congrats again! Now is the time to get to work. If you haven’t been asked by your client already, it’s time to ask real questions such as what features/ideas the client (let’s call him Joe) likes about the design draft, what furniture/gadget stores Joe likes, what type of budget Joe has, what type of overall look and feel of not just the room but also the home Joe wants, etc. You are there to make Joe really happy because he already sees your talent, as shown in your draft design. Remember, you have seven days to complete your design work that is accepted by Joe. Let’s get to work!

Sweet. Just submitted my final draft. How do I get paid?

Congrats x3. Once your customer (let’s call her Jane) is satisfied with your final draft, Jane will accept your final draft as her blueprint to build her dream space. By Jane indicating to us that she has received the blueprint and the project is completed, we know you have done a great job to create a beautified and personalized room. Well done! We will then deposit the winning prize to your PayPal account within 7 to 10 days.

I am in. Any final words?

Thank you! With your support, we look forward to building the world into a better place to live. We would love to hear from you how we can help you do your job even better. Just send us an email at We will work as hard as you work to achieve our mission together.